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How to win!

Every month The Averagers will have a giveaway! 

If you want to win follow the instructions below. 

Every option you complete you will receive 1 entry. 

Option 1: Follow the Facebook page and Share the giveaway pinned post. 

Option 2: Tag a friend on the pinned giveaway post.

Option 3: Subscribe on Apple Podcast

Option 4: Subscribe on Spotify

Option 5: Follow us on Twitter/Share the twitter giveaway post

Option 6: Follow on Instagram/Share the instagram post.

Make sure you try to win EVERY MONTH! 

Prizes will change monthly. 


You can earn up to six entries a month. 

Sorry, no international shipping. 

The prizes will change monthly. 

No purchase necessary. 

If you can think of other fun ways to earn entries, let us know by sending an email.

Good luck, and make sure you try to win EVERY month! 


Email us if you have questions, concerns or other fun ways to earn entries!


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