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Zucchini by Gshytt, Wey, and Nagalli

Another fruit that most people consider a vegetable – the zucchini. The USDA even labels it a vegetable, but again, it is born from a ripened ovary. I chose Zucchini by GSHYTT, WEY, and Nagalli, as today’s #songoftheday.

Reese Nance, better known as GSHYTT, had humble beginnings and he tries to maintain that humility today. Nance’s father left his mother, him, and five other children when Nance was just three months old (Fox, 2018). They slept in a homeless shelter for a few months. After they found a place to live, they were robbed at gunpoint. He attended Florida A & M University on a scholarship where he learned to dance. After graduating he left Florida for Los Angeles to pursue his dreams but quickly learned how hard it can be. He was forced to live out of his car and sleep in hotel hallways to scrape by.

Life changed when he earned a spot on America’s Best Dance Crew. From there he went on to appear in Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming, a music video for Beyoncé, and various commercials. Fame has brought opportunities to give back to the community. While shooting a music video in Zimbabwe, he donated sanitary products to a girls’ school providing enough supplies for 300 women (Davis, 2019). He has donated 20,000 dollars to the Nigerian dance group Dream Catchers. He says, “making a new hit is not my purpose. My purpose is to have a positive impact on people worldwide.”

Photo credit: Sheen Magazine


Fox, M. (2018, November 16). How Following His Purpose Took This Rapper From Pain to Fame. Retrieved from Forbes:



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